Summer Experience

The Summer Program was the first, and is the largest, program of Stepping Stones. Young adults, between the ages of 15-25, are hired into enrollment levels and service roles, based on their age, experience and leadership training. This is not just a summer job, but a life changing experience that will challenge you in your faith and enable you to connect in community all while gaining practical work experience in ministry. 

How does it work?

All stepping stones summer staff live in cabins with one another, creating a unique community of discipleship. Meals are provided for our community out of the Fair Glen Dining Room where laughter and conversation can always be found! Staff will each have their individual schedules to fulfill their service roles and have a specific weekly time of fellowship (Koinonia) to attend for spiritual formation. Staff will also engage in some friendly competition and casual community planned events throughout the course of the summer.

In the summer program stepping stones staff will be able to apply for a specific enrollment level (Coordinator, CORE, Frontline+, Frontline, STAND, SIT) and to a service role such as Food Services (Kitchen & Dining Room), Housekeeping, Maintenance, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry Lifeguarding etc.