What is stepping stones?

stepping stones is an intentional discipleship program for youth and young adults. Christ has commanded us all to go and make disciples, people who will be students of Christ, and to teach them to obey all that Jesus commanded. stepping stones aims to use the following "3 Pillars" and the opportunities and resources God has given us to accomplish this commission and see youth passionately following Christ:

  • Spiritual Formation (Bible studies – Cabin Devos, teaching sessions - Breakout, spiritual disciplines, etc.) 
  • Community Life (fellowship with other believers) and 
  • Work Excellence (spring/summer positions with Fair Havens Ministries and an Internship in the fall/winter),

stepping stones desires to create a 24/7 environment that will provide countless opportunities for youth to grow and build servants that lead God's people and positively impact the world. To achieve this stepping stones teaches, encourages and reinforces biblical truths and principles, that will change our Learning, Living, and Leading.

This ministry was created to make the most of the opportunity God has given Fair Havens Ministries to influence the summer students that worked with them; building them up to be a new generation of God-directed leaders. 

Fair Havens Ministries, through stepping stones, each year recruits and enrolls approximately 90 youth and young adults (15-25 yrs. old) to serve and grow during summer family camp and a small team of interns during the school term for our Internship Program. It is our hope that all who participate are better equipped to bring glory to God and build up the church.