Summer Programs

The Summer Program was the first, and is the largest, program of stepping stones. This program revolutionized the former summer staffing system of Fair Havens Ministries into an intentional discipleship tool. Today the Summer Program involves 90-100 youth between the ages of 15-25, split into 6 enrollment levels (Coordinator, CORE, Frontline+, Frontline, STAND, SIT).

The Spiritual Formation component of the program involves instructor lead teaching sessions, group bible studies, personal assignments, discussion and spiritual disciplines. All sessions/activities are designed to promote a deeper understanding and relationship with God.

In the summer program stepping stones students will be able to apply for a wide variety of service opportunities including: Food Services (Kitchen & Dining Room), Housekeeping, Maintenance/Custodial, Children's Ministry, Skills Instructing, Teen Ministry, Lifeguarding and more. Some participants (depending on their enrollment level) receive an honorarium. Please read the 2017 Application Kit for more information.

Enrollment Levels

Coordinators (20+ yrs old), CORE Team (19+ yrs old) and Frontline+ (18+ yrs old)


These enrollment levels are for those who desire to practice and continue to develop God-directed leadership. Coordinators work directly with either the stepping stones Leader or the Family Ministries Director. CORE and Frontline+ team members work in various departments. Learn, through study and experience, to be a disciple and to make disciples of Christ. These roles are challenging. They will test and develop its students in a supportive and encouraging environment. You will receive an Honorarium.

Coordinator and CORE roles must be available for Spring Crew. Frontline+ will essentially be a 'summer CORE' since you are graduating grade 12 and not available for Spring Crew.

Spring Crew & Summer: April 30 - Sept 2 Orientation Weekend: May 19-22 
Frontline+: Orientation Weekend: May 19-22  Summer: June 27 - Sept 2 


Frontline (17+ yrs old)

This program puts students on the Frontline of active ministry. Frontliners play crucial roles in a variety of service areas, while balancing learning, Bible studies, fun and preparing to face the trials and opportunities of finishing high school. This experience is a great way to step forward in faith and serve Christ.

You will receive an Honorarium

Term: Orientation Weekend: May 19-22 Summer: June 25 - Sept 2

STAND (Servants Trained And Now Doing) (16-17 yrs old)

Summer-STAND.jpgContinue in the adventure of service and training. STAND seeks to actively prepare youth for Leadership and Frontline roles, both at Fair Havens Ministries and in the local church. Learn and develop skills, character, and servant leadership abilities.

You will receive an Honorarium.

Term: Orientation Weekend: May 19-22 Summer: June 25 - September 2

Summer-SIT.jpgSIT (Servants In Training) (15 yrs old)

An exciting mix of service and instructor-led curriculum. The SIT program wants each and every youth to gain a firm foundation on Christ and His Word. SITs will serve in a variety of areas, enjoy fellowship of new friends and grow in Christ under the direction of godly leaders; Impacting people of all ages for Christ, including themselves.

You will receive Community Hours.

Term: Orientation Weekend: May 19-22  Summer: June 25 - August 19.

*Selected SITs will be invited to participate an extra two weeks for $50/week depending on guest registrations.



* Details on honorariums are outlined in the 2017 Application Kit.